Zone Skipping in the USA: A new option offered by heyworld and its partners.

Zone Skipping with heyworld

As a medium to a large shipper selling to the US, you inevitably must deal with “Zone Skipping” if you want to save money. Zone Skipping allows shippers to consolidate parcels going to the same region and ship them to a central location. Cross-Border eCommerce can get easier!

That has various advantages: it can prevent high costs of parcel shipping, speed up lead times, minimize delays, and reduces potential damage to packages. In this case, shippers provide their way of transportation and bring the parcels directly to a postal service.

The Zones start at the Injection point, so for example, if a shipper flies parcels to Los Angeles and a customer lives in New York, the shipment must cross several zones to get to the consignee. If you had more than one injection point, the number of zones to cross would decrease.

Why Zone Skipping?

Parcel carriers allocate rates based on two factors, the covered distance and how many zones would be crossed. The more zones a shipment has to pass through, the higher the price will be in the end. Therefore, a consolidated shipment to several locations will be cheaper than shipping all the parcels to one destination and ship parcels across the states.

How does heyworld implement Zone skipping?

The zone skipping process already starts in our Hub in Frankfurt, where we sort the parcels into two groups with the final destinations New York and Los Angeles. After flying them over to these destination airports, they will be transferred to our customs clearance partner, who carries out the import customs clearance. After the parcels got imported, they will be handed over to the warehouse of our logistics partner in the US who ensures, that the shipments get to the regional parcel centers. The last step is the final delivery to the consignee.

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