Our cross-border eCommerce logistics solution from Europe to the USA

Made easy. Simply because we take care of everything.

Let’s open the parcel of USA opportunities!

American consumers are always looking for the next trend, and Europe is the answer. We offer what American consumers want – 5 days delivery from Europe to the USA. 

How about working together on exceeding customer expectations?

What can you expect from our solution to the USA? 

  • Minimum transit times via our Frankfurt eCommerce hub
  • 5 days delivery from warehouse to the final USA consumer
  • API integration in one click
  • Parcel level tracking
  • Customer service
  • Zone Skipping

Our USA cross-border eCommerce logistics solutions in a nutshell.

  • Warehouse pick-up

  • Warehouse pick-up

    We optimise the collection of shipments from your warehouse(s) and determine the pick-up frequency based on your volume and requirements to minimise turnaround and transit times.

    We ensure a smooth and seamless transfer from your warehouse(s) to our Frankfurt eCommerce hub. Every step of our logistics chain is optimized to ensure efficient delivery of each parcel.

  • Frankfurt eCommerce hub

  • Frankfurt eCommerce hub

    Your parcels arrived in our hub. Now what? 🙂 

    We love sorting parcels and getting them as fast as possible out to their next destination. The automatic sorter is suitable for the complex handling of large volumes of parcels in a high-efficiency environment, meeting the requirements for tight delivery schedules and quick turnaround times.

    The sorter can simultaneously serve more than 20 destinations, handling more than 5,000 parcels per hour, based on our own in-house developed sorting logic. We built flexibility to adjust sorting to your needs.

  • Air Transport

  • Air Transport

    We love flying! 🙂

    With multiple daily flights from Frankfurt to the USA, we benefit from a fully flexible schedule. The handover to the last-mile carrier takes place on the same day as the arrival of the eCommerce packages in the USA.

  • Last Mile in the USA

  • Last Mile in the USA

    Your parcels are in the USA!

    We are dedicated to ensuring that your packages are delivered efficiently and securely to any location in the USA.

    Upon arrival at the airport, we make sure the parcels are customs cleared as soon as possible and handed over to our last mile provider.

  • Returns

  • Returns

    While currently we do not offer a returns option from the USA to Europe, we are committed to working with you in finding the right solution according to your needs. However, we do offer a local returns solution in the USA.

    USA cross-border eCommerce logistics

    > How long will it take for parcels to reach the final destination?                

    Parcels take approximately five days to reach its destination from the moment it arrives in our eCommerce hub located in Frankfurt to its final address in the USA. For more precise information about delivery times, our customer service team provides weekly status reports if needed.

    > What is the process for tracking and tracing my shipments?            

    We are API-integrated with all our suppliers in the supply chain. If you require up-to-date tracking information about your parcels, you may receive push notifications, and you can contact our customer service team for further assistance.

    > Do we offer zone-skipping?            

    Yes, we offer zone-skipping solutions via JFK and LAX airports. The zone-skipping process already starts in our Hub in Frankfurt, where we sort the parcels into two groups, with the final destinations being New York and Los Angeles. After flying them over to these destination airports, they will be transferred to our customs clearance partner, who carries out the import customs clearance. After the parcels are imported, they will be handed over to the warehouse of our logistics partner in the US, who ensures that the shipments get to the regional parcel centers. The last step is the final delivery to the consignee.

    Let us help you with shipping eCommerce parcels into the USA.

    Please contact us, and let’s pack a deal! 

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