heyworld is launching a new enhanced UK eCommerce logistics solution 

heyworld has launched a newly enhanced UK eCommerce logistics solution, offering two days of delivery from Europe to the UK and same-day injection to the last-mile partner. In addition, a fast API connection to move data along the entire supply chain and multiple returns options. All this is possible by offering daily eCommerce flights to the UK using the capacity of A321F of Lufthansa Cargo.

Key Messages


  • Two days delivery from Europe to the UK.
  • Same-day injection to our last mile partner.
  • Fast API connection to move data along the entire supply chain.
  • Multiple returns options, including open parcels or customs clearance.

Global eCommerce has revolutionized how we shop, connect, and do business. Thanks to advances in technology and logistics, cross-border eCommerce can be fast, efficient, and seamless. With the right tools and resources, companies can quickly expand their customer base and reach new markets. The possibilities are endless, whether through marketplaces, social media, or eCommerce platforms. As the global eCommerce landscape continues to evolve, businesses worldwide can capitalize on the opportunities within the UK market.

This is why we at heyworld, have launched a newly enhanced UK eCommerce logistics solution, allowing us to offer two days of delivery from Europe to the UK, same-day injection to our last mile partner, a fast API connection to move data along the entire supply chain, and multiple returns options. All this is possible by utilizing eCommerce flights to the UK using the capacity of A321F of Lufthansa Cargo. All in a customizable package according to customers’ business needs.

Past versus present.

Our original UK solution was built around a business case, given the necessity of a Brexit solution for one of our customers. Due to extended transit times and complex data processing, we offered five days delivery into the United Kingdom. We also encountered data quality challenges, which often led to further delays. heyworld invested and built a solution that reliably ensures the ongoing business for our customers into the United Kingdom.

We focus on using our digital capabilities to continuously increase our service level to ensure that our product remains attractive for our customers Revising our product meant analyzing what what we were doing well, but also identifying weaknesses and how we can overcome them to be more efficient. Redesigning our product was essential to achive a significantly better delivery time and a competitive pricing. This is an amazing milestone for our customers, and we are looking forward to make many UK online-shoppers happy by delivering their orders on time.

UK Cross-border eCommerce solutions – benefits in a nutshell.

UK Cross-Border eCommerce Logistics

The customer’s interest is at the core of everything we do. We combine airfreight services with value-added services for fast, reliable, and customizable transport of your packages. With our new enhanced set-up, we managed to decrease our delivery times, offering two days delivery from Europe to the United Kingdom.

That is why heyworld is the right partner to orchestrate your parcel transport, accelerate the delivery by flying, take care of customs and manage your customers returns.

UK Cross-Border eCommerce logistics solution

All to help your cross-border business grow cost-efficiently. We are using a Transport Management System platform, heyworld’s heart of operations. Designed in-house and easily customizable, our team owns and develops it. It allows us to automate and manage the door-to-door transport supply chain. We developed an entire range of APIs to connect with the Transport Management System and have quality information about each parcel we handle. The main advantage of the #TMS is that we can be fully flexible and connect with all the partners. That means seamless IT integration and reliable support from our side.

Our service is modular and customizable, and the returns option is one of them. Of course, we can review your return packages to ensure the content is safe and matches the declared data. But we can also offer customs clearance, for example. All for a hassle-free experience.

UK Cross-Border eCommerce Logistics

As a subsidiary of Lufthansa Cargo and part of the Lufthansa Group, we have access to the different capacities on the two A321F from the Lufthansa Cargo fleet or to passenger aircraft flying daily or multiple daily from our Frankfurt hub to the United Kingdom. Furthermore, we provide value to our customers’ businesses by offering options for working with carefully selected providers and flying the eCommerce packages on Lufthansa aircraft. Carefully bundled together!

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About heyworld.

heyworld GmbH was established in 2019, as a 100% subsidiary of Lufthansa Cargo, specialized in cross-border, eCommerce logistics. heyworld translates airfreight processes and standards into the eCommerce world (ex. conversion of chargeable weight into a parcel level-based pricing scheme). We combine airfreight, eCommerce, and logistics know-how, working with a modular service, from first mile, middle mile (air freight) to end mile. We are well Integrated into Lufthansa handling process, and connected to all service providers and process steps via API integration.

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