Cross-Border eCommerce logistics from Europe to Europe.

Cross-border eCommerce is digital by nature and is hitting trillions of dollars per year. Increasing at levels like never seen before, air cargo and cross-border eCommerce create opportunities for all logistics parties involved in the supply chain. In 2021, cargo tonne-kilometers will increase more than 13% compared to 2020 and many airlines will want to bite a share of the increasing cross-border trade.

Key Messages

  • Speed at a fair price” is our promise.
  • We are faster than postal mail but more favorable than express.
  • We are a digital logistics partner in the eCommerce business combining airfreight with all other services necessary for the end-to-end operations.


Accelerated by a change in consumer behavior, worldwide eCommerce is valued at 5 billion dollars in 2021, and 80% of cross-border eCommerce is transported by air. This is a crucial aspect to be remembered, given that the world of logistics is about speed, reliability, and quality services offered at a fair price.  Cross-border eCommerce sales are estimated to reach 1.9 trillion dollars in 2022 and 2.1 trillion dollars in 2023, a 13% increase in a single year.

Cross-border eCommerce will outgrow normal eCommerce. If 60% of cross-border eCommerce shipments get transported between different continents, the remaining 40% are transported intra-continentally. In this regard, narrowbody aircraft play a huge role in fulfilling this demand. Lufthansa Cargo and heyworld stepped up and started using A321P2F aircrafts in connecting dots within the same continent while offering same-day airport to airport delivery.

Why is air cargo digitalization important for cross-border eCommerce?

The eCommerce growth with its unique requirements has put pressure on airline companies. They need to adapt and enhance investments in digitization projects. As the numbers of passengers grow and traffic starts rebounding, capacity will no longer be a problem for airlines, and airfreight prices will drop. But is this enough? The processes for eCommerce are different from traditional air cargo, so airline companies need to create new products tailored to these needs.

  • Visibility is the key, as retailers need to know where to locate parcels at any time. This integration with all business partners along the supply chain is crucial. At heyworld, we have created an in-house Transport Management System, which allows us to automate and manage the whole transport supply chain, from end to end. The main advantage of the Transport Management System is flexibility as we can connect with various business partners along the supply chain and the different processes.
Transport Management System Cross-Border eCommerce Europe
  • Customs clearance needed for cross-border eCommerce parcels coming from non-EU countries must be a smooth process. We are cooperating with Customs Broker, a company from the Lufthansa Group. Working with sister companies helps us reduce costs, and the time needed for border controls while increasing communication and transparency. Digital interaction is the key as it creates a seamless and efficient operation.

Which are the European cross-border eCommerce logistics solutions we offer?

European operations are a core part of our business model. With the addition of the medium-haul freighters by our mother company Lufthansa Cargo, we can offer customers same-day airport to airport delivery while boosting our eCommerce solutions for the European segment.

“Speed at a fair price” is our promise. We are faster than postal mail but more favorable than express. A digital logistics partner in the eCommerce business combining airfreight with all other services necessary for the end-to-end operations: First-mile delivery, Customs Import, Customs Export, Last Mile Delivery, and Returns.

From Germany to the UK, going to Spain or Turkey, we are covering numerous countries where you can choose from. We offer complete return solutions for Germany and the UK.

For other countries … we just need to make some research first.

Cross-Border eCommerce Europe

About heyworld.

heyworld GmbH was established in 2019, as a 100% subsidiary of Lufthansa Cargo, specialized in cross-border, eCommerce logistics. heyworld translates airfreight processes and standards into the eCommerce world (ex. conversion of chargeable weight into a parcel level-based pricing scheme). We combine airfreight, eCommerce, and logistics know-how, working with a modular service, from first mile, middle mile (air freight) to end mile. We are well Integrated into Lufthansa handling process, and connected to all service providers and process steps via API integration.

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