Cross-Border eCommerce: BREXIT solutions.

Cross-Border eCommerce: BREXIT solutions. On January 1st, 2021, the transition period for the brexit will officially end. All signs still point to a hard brexite between Great Britain and the EU. On the part of heyworld GmbH, we have already prepared ourselves and our customers for such a scenario.

The United Kingdom is currently treated for customs purposes like any other non-EU country. Specifically, trade between the United Kingdom and the EU is subject to customs procedures and formalities.

However, in accordance with the Agreed Protocol on Ireland and Northern Ireland, EU customs rules and procedures generally continue to apply to goods entering and leaving Northern Ireland.

Withdrawal from the UK from the EU affects a company if:

  • sell products or provide services to the United Kingdom, or
    buy products or receive services from the UK
  • transports goods in transit through the United Kingdom
  • uses materials and products from the United Kingdom to trade under preferential arrangements with EU partner countries.

Should your eCommerce business continue to be able to reliably ship parcels to and from the UK?

Based on the regulations defined by the EU and Great Britain, we already offer specific Brexit-services:

Export declaration

From January 1st, 2021, export declarations and British security declarations will be required for all goods. We will take over the necessary export declarations for the export from Great Britain as well as from the EU.

Import customs clearance

Online retailers who import standard goods must prepare for basic customs requirements. For imported products ranging from clothing to electronics, keeping sufficient records is mandatory. Online traders will then have up to six months to complete customs declarations. heyworld GmbH helps your eCommerce business to simplify the complexity of these deferred payment customs formalities.

Returns (including re-import)

If an online shopper decides to return the package from the UK to the EU, we will ensure that no customs duty is payable on this “returned goods”. Conversely, for returns from the EU, we offer a solution to reclaim the customs duties paid on import into the EU.

Please feel free to contact us for any further questions regarding your eCommerce business from/to the UK such as applying for a GB-EORI number or DDP solutions.

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